Who’s Lenny?

Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Lenny, I live in New York and my home’s Central Park.


Scientists call me Sciurus carolinensis or eastern grey squirrell: surely very important, yet much too complicated names… For all the NY folks I’m simply Lenny the Squirrel, a Big Apple’s citizen.

I like meeting people coming to the park. Some are playing sports, some are strolling, some are reading books and some others are just relaxing. I see adults and children, people of all colors and nationalities living in the city or coming from abroad. I love listening to their stories, which sometimes are funny and sometimes are sad.


But I keep a secret which I want to share with you in confidence… I’m a superhero! My mission is to help people and, when I have to, I wear my alter-ego identity: Lenny New York.


I have my own superpowers, as any other superhero have. With my Troublesmelling Nose I can realize if something is wrong with you; twirling my Troublesweeper Tail I can blow your problems away; and shaking my Mirthpaws I can always put a smile on your face!

Do you need my help? You can find me here!